Objective (RTG)

Optimized objectives for imaging an image that was generated by X-ray radiation. These systems are characterized by very high light transmittance out services with a minimum dose of X-rays for a perfect image is sufficient and the patient load is minimized. The interface for connecting the camera makes these RTG's usable for different camera systems. Other benefits include a motorized iris, selectable ND filter for a high dynamic range, selectable photodiode and a high transfer function of the modulation from the center to the edges of the recording.


Technical data:

 Focal distance
 Focal length of the presentation layer
 Area of focusing Transfer function (78 PL/MM; P20; f/# 2,20; out of the infinited ) 
 min.  max. on the axis 

sharpness (y=9,4mm)

 7,38 ± 0,14 mm  -0,3511x ± 2%  17,79 ± 0,10 mm  -0,65 mm  +0,65 mm







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