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The beginnings of the real production date back to 2003. This year begins the first experimental production of so-called X-ray image intensifiers in Přerov. At that time as a part of today's parent company Meopta. On the basis of the good business performance in 2007 was the company - Meomed, s.r.o. founded, which today employs about 80 employees and continues to grow.
Meomed, s.r.o. deals as one of four companies in the world, mainly with the production of X-ray image intensifier called tubes II for C-bows. For these devices, manufactures and supplies Meomed the so-called imaging chain. These imaging chain consists of the component housing (made of carbon, fiberglass or aluminum), the X-ray objective RTG (with or without motorized iris control), the integrated camera 1/2 K or 1 K a power supply, and of course the actual image intensifier.

On site of Přerov are in four different sizes x-ray image intensifiers in diameter: 17, 23, 33 and 40 cm (7'', 9'', 13'', 16'') produced and sold worldwide. In 2010 a new business segment started which deals with the production of in vitro, in vivo systems and devices. Meomed defines this field of laboratory diagnostics as the growth area of the future. Furthermore, since the most recent mechanical components for medical applications belong to the range of products.

From 2014 Meomed produces a new type of X-ray detector, called X Eye, designed in cooperation with the Frauenhofer ISS EZRT located in Fürth, Germany. X Eye is a X-ray industrial detector for non-destructive testing a product inspection.

The most important customer references are here representative SIEMENS AG, Healthcare Sector, GE Medical System AG and STRATEC.

The company Meomed, s.r.o. is certified according to EN ISO 13 485 as a medical device manufacturer and in accordance with ISO 9001 industry standard.

During production, we attach the greatest importance to compliance with all relevant process parameters. To ensure this we have created the necessary infrastructure such as clean rooms that meet the most demanding conditions and international standards.

Clean room I. - class 6 - ISO 14644

Clean room II. - class 8 - ISO 14644


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